Commercial Projects

Leak repair, roof replacement, weatherproofing and more. Our capable team can handle your commercial project needs.

Commercial Roofs For Your Business

Multifamily, factory, offices, shopping centers, hotels and hospitality.

At Veteran Roofers no job is too big. We’re big enough to take care of our commercial client’s needs and small enough to care. The Veteran Roofers crew is proud to say we’re able to provide professional commercial roofing services to the King, Pierce and Kitsap counties and surrounding Puget Sound areas. From the time we arrive for the estimate to the time we leave we guarantee satisfaction every single visit.

With decades of combined experience we are capable of installing a roof systems on almost any commercial building. Multifamily apartment complexes, factories, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, garages and beyond there is no roof system that we can’t install. 

Quality Materials

We use the highest quality materials for our commercial roof systems. See in our F.A.Q. section below the commercial roof types we install and the reason behind them. 


Exceptional Service

Our crews make sure your jobsite looks better when we leave than when we come in. Whether we’re re-covering, tearing off or installing on a new construction we make sure our service goes above and beyond on every project.

About this Process

We come in and meet the the client who requested the work, provide the estimate and then go from there. With commercial jobs if the business cannot move forward without approval from the building owner, then we will need meet with both to get the project started. 


  • Encompassing Estimates Every Time, Including Boots On The Roof
  • We Work With Clients To Achieve Maximum Results
  • Client Focused: We Only Work With The Client Who Request The Bid

Commercial Project Types

  • Factories
  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Centers
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Hotels/Hospitality
  • Restaurants

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    We get a lot of questions about the types of roofing used in commercial projects. Here are the most common questions and materials we use in commercial projects.

    Asphalt and Composite Roof Systems

    Usually used in multifamily apartment communities, home businesses and other “home” style buildings, composite shingles have a lifetime warranty on top of our 10 year install warranty. Comprised of composite materials shingles can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance.

    Metal Roof Systems

    One of the most common roofing systems for factories and indstrial buildings are metal roofing systems. A metal roofing system offers extreme weather resistance, fire resistance and have protective coatings to resist rust. Different roofing materials include metal tile sheets, corrugated galvanized steel, stainless steel, stone-coated steel, silicon-coated steel, copper, aggregates of aluminum, zinc, tin, and more. Used in factories, heavy industry and commercial “home” businesses metal roofs are fireproof, extremely weather resistant. From pole building roof installs to tearing off preexisting systems, and new construction installs, our metal roof systems provide added security.

    Flat Roof Systems

    Typically used on large buildings there are multiple uses for flat top roofs. Ranging from penthouse roofs, rooftop gardens or decks there are multiple uses for flat top roofs. These roof installations are typically lower cost as no tearoff will be needed. That being said, there are three types of flat roof systems.

    • Single Ply Roofing System
      • Single ply roof systems are one layer, weatherproof and waterproof. The thickness will depend on the project.
    • Spray On / Paint On Roof Systems
      • Paint on systems vary from coating a pre-existing roof system and extending life expectancy. This can be used on metal, single-ply or low pitched roof systems. Spray on systems consist of foam combined sealants and natural materials for insulation and weatherproofing.
    • Buit-Up Roofing System
      • Built up systems combine various materials including asphalt layered on eachother for increased durability and weatherproofing.